Made with a quality canvas material.

Approx 2 1/4" at the widest point

Approx 58" in length 




My name is Quinn Peterson, I grew up in central Utah. I have always had a love for quality products, made for a genuine purpose.

When I was young, my family always shopped second hand, and I was never pleased with how my clothing fit. So I found a sewing machine in my house and learned how to modify my clothing.
As I got older and more confident in my sewing skills, I began making custom clothing for my life. Some of my items received a lot of attention and I was persuaded to try selling some of my custom clothing.

I was in school and working two jobs as my items began to sell, soon growing beyond what I could produce myself. Now we have a team of seamstresses that help us produce each product here in the USA.

Sky Blue Floral Tie

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