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Who I am and Why you Don't Need Me

Obviously, I've had no prior guidance by any PR agency, otherwise they would've told me in not so polite terms to maybe workshop that title (i.e. throw it in the trash and for the love of God, hire a ghostwriter.)

But alas, it's true. You don't need me. You can get married without a Day of Coordinator. It's been done for eons. Even more *frivolous*, one might say, would be to hire an event designer or bridal party stylist because that's all "stuff you can do yourself, for FREE!" Again, valid.

Let's place some grossly overwhelming importance on events for a second and think of your event as surgery -- and truly, for some brides/grooms, their wedding day is a matter of life and death. There are certain things you need to perform a surgery, namely, a surgeon. Your event's surgeon may be its venue, or its catering, or any list of must-haves you deem non-negotiable. I, in contrast, am negotiable. You could easily use your maid-of-honour to coordinate. You could have your mom do the decorating. You might even enlist your soon-to-be brother-in-law with great taste to help you and your bridesmaids choose the perfect accessories for your blush-coloured empire-waisted frocks. GREAT.

Now, we've agreed that I'm not necessary to your surgery at this point, fair. So think of me, not as the surgeon, but as the anesthesiologist. Technically, you don't need anesthesia to pull off a successful surgery... but I can promise you, pulling off the details of your event will be painful without me.

So, who am I and why do I think I'm important enough for you to shell out hundreds of dollars purely for aesthetics and logistics?

I'm a design-focused lover of fashion and decor who has spent years in the event industry building myself into a unique and highly organized event professional, complete with an obsession with style and exceptional eye for detail. There, that's my elevator pitch.

Born and raised in Toronto, I studied event management in college and then cold-emailed several event planning agencies asking them if I could schlepp equipment around for them FOR FREE (see, I've already proven that I'm capable of doing the grunt work.) This lead to paid gigs, which further proved that I was willing to go beyond the required skills description to make things seamless.

Poor quality photos of little baby Chayan working the TIFF and Sundance after party circuits

Thankfully, my work with several film release after parties at the Toronto International Film Festival was noticed, and I was whisked away to Park City, Utah to add my expertise to the after parties, press junkets, and panel discussions held at the Sundance Film Festival, where I quickly met every celebrity I could've dreamed of and then some *humblest of brags*. So why am I telling you this? It's not to make you jealous (especially after I disclose that for the 9 days I was in Utah, I slept for a total of 13 hours and consumed KIND bars and espresso shots almost exclusively and regularly cried myself into naps in 15 minute intervals in what can only be described as a storage closet.) I'm telling you this because it instilled some serious work ethic into me. Film release after parties are no joke and you're working with the most talented people, on projects that cost more money than I can possibly fathom. The stakes are so high and the egos... OHHH the EGOS!

I learned how to get things done at any cost. I learned how to take people's stress and channel it into meaningful instruction and translate it into action.

Your event is your time to shine. It's to put the focus on you or your nuptials or your product, or whatever. It's a time to celebrate, not a time to stress. Let me stress. That's my job. I'll create the timelines, the mood boards, the lookbooks. I'll make sure your event is designed seamlessly and generates the exact awe you're looking for. I'll make sure each member of your bridal party looks F-L-A-W-L-E-S-S so that everyone, regardless of their shape or size, feels comfortable and gorgeous. More than that, I help create harmony and cohesion -- I make beautiful people fit into beautiful spaces in a timely fashion. And I keep the process painless.

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