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Pin these Natural Hair Looks for your Big Day

It's no secret that I've become pretty friendly with a flat iron. I've been relaxing and flat-ironing my hair since the seventh grade, and there really is no end in sight... at least not yet.

Don't get me wrong, I love the look of curls, they're just complex as hell to maintain. I could wash and style my curls in the exact same manner every day of the week and in that week, my hair would look completely different all seven days.

However, the entire month of August, I took a break from the heat. I laid down the blow dryer and tucked away my flat and curling irons and let my natural-ish curls (read: waves) out to play. Honestly, about two weeks in, it felt amazing. Granted, I wear my hair in a slicked back, tight low bun for the duration of the work week, but I’ve got my weekday hair routine down to a five minute science right now and knowing that my hair is moisturized and protected all day long makes me feel like I’m doing myself a little good every day (kinda like that same feeling when you eat a kale salad and suddenly feel like a goddess, you know? YOU KNOW.)

At the time of writing this post, it’s been 35 days since a hot tool touched these tresses and I've got some big events headed my way in the upcoming weeks (TIFF just started which is the week where event planners in Toronto don't sleep) and my immediate instinct was to choose a day this week to wash and straighten my hair (which, if you are uninitiated into the landscape of black women's hair, is literally a full day affair).

But then I thought, why break my ongoing no-heat streak just because I've got some parties to attend? Surely my texture is good enough. Further pondering lead me to the thought... if I were to ever walk down the aisle, I would really want to wow people. But honestly, nobody would be wowed by my silk pressed hair... some version of it is always my go-to for a special occasion.

What would really surprise people would be if, in my (maybe) white dress, I sauntered down the catwalk aisle with my natural-ish curls out in full force. So below is a compiled list of gorgeous brides who I’m proudly pinning to my Pinterest board on the off chance that you also want to set your curls free for your big day.

1. Ethereal half-pinned curls

2. Perfectly bedazzled ringlets

3. Effortless and adorned with a single floral

4. A daisy crown for the ultimate boho queen

5. The perfectly rounded curly cut

6. Expertly picked out

7. A halo to frame the perfect fro

7. Retro volume

8. Match your bouquet

9. Pearl pins -- minimal effort for maximum impact

10. Braided bliss

11. Lovely locs

12. Maximum volume

12. Short and sweet

13. Goldilocs

14. Wispy baby’s breath

Hello Solange, Empress of all things cool. Teach us your ways!


Want help curating your perfect wedding day look? I can help! Check out the bridal party styling page for information on the services I offer.

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