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Literally the Cheapest (but also CUTEST) Wedding Dresses I Could Find on the Internet

I actually experience euphoria when people compliment me on my most inexpensive pieces. I LIVE for the jaw drop that comes when someone compliments me on my $10 cardigan from Black Market. My days of sifting through heaps of vintage clothing have (obviously) been on pause since March, but that doesn't mean I haven't been combing the internet looking for fun finds to wear to all the parties (that I will not be attending any time soon!)

In this segment of my weekly roundups, I've picked out some gowns at price points that are almost too good to be true. My guess is that most of them were not intended to be bridal gowns per se. The second "bridal" or "wedding" is attached to an item, the markup becomes insanity. So my hottest tip would be to definitely seek out your wedding day look from anywhere BUT the bridal section. This goes for everything from catering to transportation for your wedding day... if you can get away with not telling them it's for a wedding, you'll save some cold hard cash.

This list of "bridal" dresses covers a variety of wedding day scenarios. Bookmark these for your city hall vows, elopement, rehearsal dinner, fancy bachelorette party, and beyond. Or skip the bookmarking and just buy them because they're insanely well priced and you can never have too many dresses that make you feel like a queen.


Promising review: "Love this dress nice color and style good quality."

Get it here for $24.53


Promising review: "fits perfect! a bit itchy around the arm straps but doesnt last long. The quality was great and very stretchy. Its a long dress so if youre much shorter than me you would probably need it altered, but I wore heels so it was perfectly fine."

Get it here for $50.26


Promising review: "Perfect fit and unbelievably comfortable! Was happy I didn't have to wear a bra or pasties of any kind! And being so tall, happy that a Medium was still very long."

Get it here for $91.00USD


Get it here for $79.20


Promising review: "At first I thought it was great, until the compliments came streaming in - obsessed!!! Initially I thought it was a bit big and I could have gone a bit smaller, but it is very comfortable and ended up fitting just fine. I especially love the slit. So stylish!!"

Get it here for $69.00USD


Promising review: "This dress is absolutely amazingly gorgeous. I know it says sequin but it looks like lace in the picture. Actually holding the dress up close you can see that it is iridescent. I truly do love this!!! Will be using as my wedding dress during this pandemic."

Get it here for $70.10


Promising review: "I Bought 2 For me and for my friend in order to match it quality is good design is simple and elegant 😍❤️"

Get it here for $42.32


Promising review: "The dress fit me perfect! I had ordered this one as an extra, but it turned out to be the winner. I wore this as my wedding dress and I got lots of compliments. The only alterations needed was a little hemming to make it shorter, but otherwise, it fit like a glove. Fabric was nice and heavy and better quality than I expected"

Get it here for $94.00USD


Promising review: "WOW. I am literally so in love with this dress. I bought this for my destination wedding next year. It fits like a glove. I do want to point out that the neckline on my dress is different than the pics online, but I Ike mine better anyways (has a little mesh V). The jeweled straps are a little flimsy, but I’ll probably just fix them. Also, it fits tight enough where I won’t need to wear a bra (which for almost everything else I need to). Also, all of the white part are little sequins, which makes it look fancy. Overall, I’m in loveeeee. If you’re on the fence, get it! It’s crazy it was so cheap." Get it here for $75.39


Get it here for $106.00


Promising review: "I saw this dress and I knew this would be something that my future husband would love, it's sexy but also elegant, I was a little nervous because sometimes you see the fabric in a website, and it looks way better than it will actually look in real life, but from the construction of the dress, to the fabric...this dress was everything I wanted it to be! Everyone was amazed for how great it looked, I was so happy, because my now husband kept saying that from now on he only wants me to wear this dress! Also super comfortable, adjustable, flattering... just love it! If you are planing to buy it, this will be a great decision. :)"

Get it here for $89USD

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