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Introducing the Party of One Series

Hey, remember me? I'm the one that launched an event planning business right before an iconically bad time to be in the event industry. Woof. I was in the process of opening my business chequing account you guys! I registered for a business number and everything! :(

Kvetching aside, I'm actually very fortunate to have the resources and support that I've had to cope with these bananas circumstances we are currently facing. And if you have been fortunate enough during COVID to not be lacking in funds, I highly recommend you spread the love and donate here, here, or here.

Much like you, dear reader, I've imbibed and indulged in adventurous meals, stiff drinks, and fantasies of a better future. God, I'd kill for a good wine and cheese night with some girlfriends again. But what will these gatherings look like once we've all come out of our caves?

The wedding industry has been trending further towards intimacy over the last few years (almost like it knew 2020 would be a cacophony of bad...) Elopements have gone from scandalous to staple. Ballrooms and receiving lines have been replaced with twinkly-light filled garden parties and Polaroid camera guestbooks. Corporate and social events now more than ever are trying to get to know you on a way deeper level so they can tailor their marketing and activations to more specific wants. This spells good news for a version of entertainment that we’ve always known.

The intimate gathering, usually over good food and good drinks, has long been the type of entertainment that feeds us the most. This is where the best conversations are had, the deepest laughs, sometimes tears. Bonds are sealed sitting around a dinner tables. The time to share perspectives, experiences, fears, and hopes is best spent lit by candlelight with a great playlist in the air and a full belly.

The time to share perspectives, experiences, fears, and hopes is best spent lit by candlelight with a great playlist in the air and a full belly.

As I sit here, writing alone, I picture the moments that I’ll be able to comfortably do this with my friends again. What will it look like? As the world continues to rage around us, I think it’s increasingly important to value these intimate gatherings, putting effort into making them happen more often, lest we ever be condemned to isolation again.

Over the next six weeks, I will be releasing a series of blog posts, titled “Party of One”. Each post will equip you with the tools to be the best planner and host of small celebrations that honour togetherness. Whether it's a solo soiree or your first post-lockdown boozy backyard brunch, I'm here to help you make space to rejoice.

We’ll cover the basics, from the best (and cheapest) glassware to start building your home bar, to where to source sustainable decor that is both beautiful and reusable long after the party's over.

Check back weekly for new blog posts, and follow along on Instagram @chayanlewisevents.


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