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I Found THE Dresses You Need for Holiday (Zoom) Party Season 2020

Whether you're gathered round the table with the fam or sipping (really) hard eggnog solo on the sofa, 'tis the season to look really freaking cute. Whatever your local restrictions look like, things this year are going to be weird and different and quite possibly sadder than you're used to. And that's okay.

It's probably quite tempting to just write the whole year off and set yourself on Do Not Disturb until 2021, but I personally think letting this year fizzle out pathetically is a bit of a waste. My favourite part about the holidays is having an excuse to dress up in my glittery/sequined/velvety holiday best and just because I'm not attending any Hanukkah blowouts this year (though I do plan on noshing on loads of sufganyot) doesn't mean I won't be dressing up, pouring myself a cocktail, and enjoying my own company while posting selfies/getting tipsy on Zoom.

Got similar plans? Got completely different plans but still interested in looking Christmas Cute on a Black Friday budget? Follow along.

1. This glam 3/4 sleeve emerald stunner

I kid you not, this dress has a 4.9/5 star rating and 1522 reviews.

Get it here for $23.81

2. This boss blazer dress that's business on top, party on the bottom

Get it here for $36.00

3. This deep V back dress that mas made for serving relaxed holiday hottie looks

Get it here for $30.42

4. This velvet maxi which you could easily sneak a pair of leggings underneath so you can stay cozy without anyone calling you out

Get it here for $56.87

5. This tie-front champagne wrap dress which is essentially a fancy shmancy bath robe

Get it here for $26.45

6. And the sequined version of a fancy shmancy bathrobe (because ladies, we are NOT settling for being uncomfy this season!)

Get it here for $36.00

7. This pretty pattern that's luxe on a dime

Get it here for $34.00

8. This silky slip-like frock that's perfect for at-home dance parties with your boo

Get it here for $26.45

9. This camel-coloured maternity midi knit that I want to nuzzle my face into

Get it here for $64.00

10. This sweetheart neckline for seducing people via Zoom

Get it here for $63.00

11. This high-drama dress for serving festive fierceness

Get it here for $26.00

12. And this literal sweatshirt dress that I want to eat, play, and sleep in

Get it here for $60.00

If you ain't gettin' cute, get out! (JK, the holidays are a super weird time for everyone. Be gentle on people. XO!)

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