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DECOR TREND: acrylic/lucite

Lucite, also known by its generic non-brand name acrylic, is the perfect blank canvas for your all of your decor needs. Impactful yet minimal, it adds dimension and structure without detracting from your other decor. It's also fairly inexpensive and can be found in all shapes or sizes. Plus, it's increased popularity means that you can now basically find anything you need in acrylic form.

Take a look at these uses of acrylic now, and scroll all the way to the bottom to see some great vendors for all your personalized acrylic needs.

1. Cruiser tables

2. Altar (or chuppah) structure

3. Product merchandising

4. Cake tiers

5. Modern dining

6. Place cards

7. Table decor

8. Seating

9. Menus


And now for some local Canadian vendors of custom acrylic wares...

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