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9 Cheap Toronto Venues that Only Look Expensive

Venue rental prices are usually astronomical. If it isn't tens of thousands of dollars, than more often than not there is a hefty minimum spend that eats up a huge percentage of your budget.

Luckily, there are some not so hidden gems in the city that can provide a gorgeous backdrop to your event for a much smaller price tag. Below are my top choices for event venues for 40 or more people that are $2,500* or less.

Balzac's Coffee Roasters

With multiple locations around the city, all uniquely designed with gorgeous rustic tiling, natural elements, and vintage French accessories , Balzac's offers gorgeous and intimate spaces reminiscent of a European atelier. Get inspired and check out a list of their rental spaces here.

Bata Shoe Museum

Fashion and art lovers rejoice -- there's a venue for you at the fraction of the cost of an AGO wedding. Located in the sweet spot on Bloor between fancy Yorkville and the hip and cool Annex, The Bata Shoe Museum is the perfect gallery space for both cocktail parties and seated dinners, with easy access to public transit just a few steps away. Check out their facility rental info here.

Propeller Coffee Co.

Another coffee shop/venue but with a completely different atmosphere! Propeller Coffee is an incredible urban minimalist event space, with twinkly lights, rustic wood beams, and white washed brick providing a blank canvas begging to be decorated. Check out my gallery to see some pictures from a wedding I planned there in 2018.

Cedar Ridge Creative Centre

You read that right. No, it's not missing a zero. You can rent this venue starting at just $120. Of course, other fees apply. A garden ceremony will cost you an extra $181 for example. And if you want to take pictures, that'll cost you another $300. Even with these added costs, Cedar Ridge is still an insane bargain. Find out more information here.


Getting it's name from the iconic Grace Kelly, Grace is housed in a historic heritage building and boasts elegant touches in a contemporary space. While fairly new, this venue has been getting a ton of buzz and will no doubt be getting booked up like crazy for 2020.

The Richmond

A classic downtown gem, this lofty space has been host to countless events over the last few decades. I myself have been both a wedding guest at this venue as well as event support staff for a Pampers product launch. Most notable is the venue's commitment to sustainability, as it boasts the title of Toronto's first "green venue".

Spadina Museum

If you have an affinity for all things 1920s and Great Gatsby-esque, look no further than the historic Spadina Museum. This venue, which is host to Toronto's famed Gatsby Garden Party that sells out year after year, is perfect for a late spring wedding or commemorative event. At $200 per hour, you could easily rent the space for 12 hours, giving you enough time to set up, enjoy, and tear down your space before midnight, all at a total cost of $2400.

The Florist's Loft

This space is incredible. If you haven't already, go ahead and read my blog post about a recent wedding I planned and coordinated in this space. It truly is a hidden gem that will probably become pricier and impossibly busy once more people have it on their radar.

The Toronto Reference Library

Perfect for academics and book lovers alike, this space is a complete hybrid of a vintage study meets modern workspace. The Toronto Reference Library is a hub of event spaces housed in one building that can be rented at a fraction of the price of similar venues. And of course, it's always encouraged to support your local public library!

*Please note that all prices are approximate and no venue price is guaranteed by me!

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