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7 Bridal Looks Under $700

Welcome to the beginning of my Weekly Roundup, a series that will explore my fave finds of the week in areas of dress and decor. I've scoured the nether regions of the interwebs precisely so you won't have to!

Did any of you depression-watch Say Yes to the Dress marathons for most of 2013-2014?? No? Just me? Hmkay... for those of you with actual lives, I'll give you the show's elevator pitch: women spend outrageous amounts of money on a dress they're going to wear for one day (unless you've had a sad life, then Randy will comp the dress for you.) The takeaway here is that a CHEAP dress on that show was like, $1500. Which seems... insane to me??

For this week's segment, we're looking at bridal wear that is actually a HUUUGE steal. And by "HUUUGE steal", I mean, still a chunk of money, but you'll still have money left over to spend on some party favors your guests will actually want.

1. This simple cut with a twist (or a crisscross, if you will)

Get it here for $511.40CAD

2. This piece serving the cutest vintage vibes

Get it here for $669.57CAD

3. This off-the-shoulder gorgeousness in sizes 0-26

Get it here for $168.00CAD

4. This hella cute tuxedo jumpsuit for under $200 which I may buy just cuz

Get it here for a literal steal of $150.26CAD

5. This ethereal Grecian gown with slim bands to keep your waist looking snatched

Get it here for $295.00USD

6. This blush coloured dream from everyone's favourite prom dress designer (Jovani, for those of you who didn't gaslight your parents into buying them $500 prom dresses)

Get it here for $636.62

7. And this retro number for the perfect beachy nuptials

Get it here for $275.00USD

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