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13 Bridal Looks that AREN'T Dresses

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Because gowns are overrated, why not try...

1. This gorgeous plunging jumpsuit for only $298. Run, don't walk.

2. This effortlessly cool wrap top and skirt combo is a total destination beach wedding fantasy.

3. Cool girl minimalism meets ultra-comfort in this one piece wonder.

4. 2019 can't seem to let go of the feather trend, and neither should you.

5. When you have a meeting at 5 but you're getting hitched at 6.

Be a business bitch, but make it bridal.

6. This BHLDN set that sells for $650 all in.

7. This handmade satin and lace gorgeousness from etsy.

8. This super on trend square-neck, shoulder tie jumpsuit that screams "look how gorgeous my collarbones are!"

9. This caped wonder for when you want your fiance to bend the damn knee.

10. This three-piece dream

11. This cropped beauty of a jumpsuit that's equal parts class and chill.

12. This sweetheart number, as if there wasn't already enough romance in the air.

13. And this chic af embellished suit which I lowkey might wear to my own wedding because it's only $390 (!!!)


Want help curating your perfect wedding day look? I can help! Check out the bridal party styling page for information on the services I offer.

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