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10 Asymmetric Bridal Looks I'm Currently Digging

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

I love a modern bridal look. I've said it time and time again that I will probably rock up to my future wedding in separates or a jumpsuit. Something about the off-kilter nature seems so unexpected and fresh and just so cool.

An asymmetric dress also totally fits this bill. Its non-traditional designation makes it such a wow factor look that you can't help but stare and admire its details.

See below for my top 10 round up of asymmetric bridal wear to help you hunt for the perfect wedding day look.

1. A number like this is an absolute statement on its own. So clean cut and graceful. That unexpected shape of decolletage is the perfect amount of sexy. This dress has such classic elements but done with such a unique twist.

2. Everything Tracee Ellis Ross wears makes me want to cry and scream 'YES'. This look is the absolute height of elegance. She's giving us Old Hollywood Glam meets futuristic space queen and it is absolutely perfect.


4. Subtle yet full of impact, the asymmetric detailing on this skirt is structural yet softly romantic.

5. One swooping shoulder is all you need for this sexy yet effortlessly minimalist look.

6. Exposed decolletages mean more room for statement jewels.

7. Another hyper minimalist look. This dress is the blank canvas you need to heighten the display of your natural beauty.

8. Such figure flattering detail in this unique mermaid look. The downward directional bateau neckline keeps the eye moving down over the minimalist bodice all the way to the whimsical trumpeting skirt, creating a beautiful hourglass illusion.

9. Modern meets vintage with this one-shoulder wonder. The cool antique vibes from the billowing sleeve and sleek large single button angle cuff give it a demure, ingenue feel while the single shoulder keeps it flirty and fun.

10. This dress belongs in the grand ballroom of the hippest hotel. For the bride that veers traditional but doesn't want boring.


Want help curating your perfect wedding day look? I can help! Check out the bridal party styling page for information on the services I offer.

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